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Theme Announced for Ordination Training Weekend 2

Going for Refuge in the Cremation Ground: Taking Adversity as the Path
30th September to 2nd October

The Ordination team have announced the theme for the second of this year's Ordination Training Weekends.
In the course of the weekend, as well as meditations, pujas and time for friendly meeting, Padmavajra will be giving the key note Dharma talk on Saturday morning and there will ample opportunity to explore the themes raised in discussion groups.

2016 Winter Retreat Theme Announced

After the success of the 2015 Winter Retreat, which was fully booked a month before it started even without the usual publicity, we can confirm this year's theme and leader. Satyaraja has agreed to lead it again as a meditation retreat, so as to follow up some of the threads that emerged in last year's retreat and to build upon them. So the 2016 will again be themed on Bramhaviharas and the Awakening of the Bodhicitta.

The retreat will be open only to Dharmacharis and men actively training for Ordination, it is not suitable as a first Ordination training retreat.