The Legacy of Giving

Give the Gift of a Retreat

Give the Gift of a Retreat

The Dharma is not a luxury item, but whilst the cost of living remains high, more and more men are finding that without help, they can’t afford to come on retreat. Rent increases, redundancies, high food and energy prices, as well as low-paid zero-hour contracts, are just some of the challenges being faced.

It can feel like a big deal to ask for help, so knowing that help is available is hugely important.

Will you donate to the bursary fund and give the gift of a retreat?

If you are struggling financially and need help to come on retreat please contact our Guest Master or 01508 538 112


Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, allowing Padmaloka to claim Gift Aid on any donations you make will increase their value by 25%. To do this, please complete the:

Online Gift Aid Form