Coming on Retreat

In ticking the 'I agree with the terms and conditions for coming on retreat' box, you confirm the following:

Going Forth

Going forth is an integral and inescapable aspect of Buddhist practice and training, it is where we make an intelligent effort to let go of that which is habitual and limited to make way for the creative and expansive dimensions of life that the Dharma can lead us into. In coming on retreat at Padmaloka you are entering a semi-monastic practice environment, a vital requirement for this is entering into the spirit of going forth. Below are several areas this requirement specifically extends into. If you are unable to undertake these requirements then our retreats are not suitable for you. To preserve the integrity of retreat conditions, as a last resort we reserve the right to ask you to leave the retreat if you ignore these, and to not take future bookings from you until we are confident that you can undertake these requirements.

A Celibate Environment

One aspect of the semi-monastic conditions we wish to provide on our retreats here is celibacy (brahmacharya). By booking on a Padmaloka retreat, you undertake to support an atmosphere of stillness and contentment for yourself and other retreatants by abstaining from all forms of sexual activity and sexual advancement while you are here.

A Complete Break From Mobile Phones, Tablets, and All Other Electronic Devices

Mobiles, smart-phones, electronic notebooks, tablets, netbooks, laptops, smart watches, MP3 players etc. are not helpful or necessary while on retreat here. We have found such electronic devices to be a cause of distraction for oneself and others.

For this reason, it is a requirement of our retreats that you switch off completely (not just flight mode) ALL electronic gadgets whatsoever for the entire duration of the retreat whether you are on or off the premises. If you can, consider leaving them at home.
We have an emergency telephone number: 01508 538112 which will be checked daily. Please give your family this number in case of emergency. If you need to be contacted immediately with regards to an emergency which cannot wait until the following morning, the community phone number is: 01508 538076.

If you usually use your mobile phone as your watch or alarm clock, then please buy a timepiece or alarm clock for the retreat. Also, please bring paper copies of any study materials you might need.

If you have any questions about this, or you are unable to be out of contact (e.g. due to the ill health of a loved one), or you need to use an electronic device due to a disability, please contact the Guest Master in advance of the retreat: 01508 538112.

A Meat-Free, Smoke-Free, Drug and Alcohol-Free Retreat Centre

While on retreat at Padmaloka, please do not consume recreational drugs or alcohol, or eat meat or fish, either on or off the premises. If you do need to smoke please do so off the premises and away from the property and neighbouring houses. All of the food served is vegan and we do not buy cow's milk, with soy and oat milk available for use with cereal, teas or coffee.

Practical Matters

Deposit & Payment

The deposit of £30 for weekend retreats and £50 for longer retreats is non-refundable and non-transferable. We do however allow you 7 working days after you make your deposit to change your mind within which time, we will allow a full refund of any monies paid towards a retreat. For the balance of fees, we ask for this to be paid two weeks in advance of the retreat.


We will confirm your booking upon receipt of payment. Please check the details of confirmation immediately - we cannot accept any liability for incorrect booking details unless you notify us in writing within 7 days. No booking is final until payment is received in full. We reserve the right not to accept a booking in which case any payment will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy

The balance for a retreat is due 2 weeks before the starting date. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your booking, as others may be waiting for a place on that retreat.
In the event of a cancellation, deposits of £30 (weekend rate) and £50 (longer retreats) are non-refundable and non-transferable.


By law, we are unable to refund donations made to Padmaloka. This includes donations given in relation to coming on a retreat. If you are no longer able to attend a retreat you have booked on, due to illness or local lockdown measures, we may be able to transfer your booking to another retreat, depending on availability.

Privacy Policy

We do not store card details and we will only share your details with other Triratna institutions to the extent necessary to carry out the activities of Padmaloka Retreat Centre and the Ordination Team.

Once you have booked on a retreat with us, we will send you occasional emails. If you want to opt-out of these, on receiving an email click the unsubscribe box at the bottom, or simply email us at the address below and we will be happy to ensure that you don't receive any future ones. We will also send you our yearly programme and, in the case of those who have made financial donations to Padmaloka, we will send you information on our fundraising projects. If you do not want to receive these simply email us at the address below. If your contact details change at any time, please let us know. For further information please read our Padmaloka privacy policy

Padmaloka retreat centre may on occasion receive and hold further personal/sensitive information about individuals. Such information is held securely and never shared (Except in certain exceptions listed in the privacy policy). This includes information stored for the purposes of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those attending Padmaloka and the wider community, including details of health issues or safeguarding information.

For further details, please contact us at

Your welfare and safety

Age Restriction

You must be 18 or over to attend our retreats.

Meditation Retreats

If you haven't been on a meditation retreat with us before, please call the Guest Master on 01508 538 112 before booking, to check that the retreat is suitable for you and will enable you to get the most from your stay.

Are you well enough to come on retreat?

For your own welfare and safety please let us know if you have any special needs, disabilities or serious health problems such as diabetes or epilepsy.
If you have a clinical mental health condition (particularly if you are on medication), please call the guest master on 01508 538 112 before booking to check that the retreat is suitable for you and will enable you to get the most from your stay.

Please do not attend the retreat if you have fallen ill or developed, or are developing a heavy cold. We will be happy to refund you're payment and deposit should this happen.
If you fall ill during a retreat we will not be able to refund your deposit and payment.

Restricted Diets

We can provide simple alternative meals at lunch and dinner for those with a restricted medical diet. We offer rice cakes, oatcakes and Ryvita as an alternative to bread. We do not offer any alternative restricted diet meals at breakfast. If you bring food with you, you may store it in the dining area, but please do not bring meat or fish of any kind.

All our food is vegan.

Whilst we seek to support the needs of all those who wish to attend a retreat at Padmaloka, we may contact you at our discretion to say it won't be possible for you to attend a particular retreat.

Attending Online Retreats

Online retreats can have a very powerful and transformative effect, particularly meditation retreats, so it is important to make sure that you are in good emotional and psychological health before attending such a retreat.

Due to the inability to meet and communicate in person during these retreats the level of support that we are able to provide is much lower, so if you have any doubts about attending such a retreat please contact us beforehand and we can discuss whether a retreat is a suitable thing to do at the present moment for you.

You can find information about preparing for and being on online retreats here: A Guide to Online Events

Residential retreats during Covid-19

We will be taking every measure we can to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 during retreats, but despite this, there will remain a risk to those who attend; please consider this when coming on retreat.

It is now a requirement that all retreatants have received full vaccination against Covid-19.

Before the retreat

If you have been in contact with somebody who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the past 7 days, please contact us on 01508538112 or email us on; we may ask you to take daily lateral flow tests if it is still appropriate for you to come on retreat.

We ask that you take a Lateral Flow Test within 48 hours of the retreat starting, as well as within 24 hours.
We also ask that you bring a few Lateral Flow Tests with you on retreat as we will ask everyone present to do a test half way through the retreat.
You can order them free from the UK Government here: Lateral Flow Tests, or from most pharmacies.

To ensure the safety of retreatants, and of the community, or due to a change in lockdown measures, Padmaloka reserves the right to cancel the retreat at short notice.

During the retreat

To reduce the risk of infection during the retreat, there will be strict hygiene measures put into place. These are outlined fully in our risk assessment which can be found here:Padmaloka Risk Assessment.

It is vital that these measures are followed closely by all those who come on retreat, and we will ask those who repeatedly fail to do so to leave.


Accommodation will involve sharing in small dormitories. If you have specific accommodation requirements we will need as much notice as possible to be able to meet them, although we will do our absolute best, we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to meet specific accommodation requests.

Developing Symptoms and Confirmed Covid-19 cases

If you have developed symptoms during a retreat please communicate this immediately to the retreat team.

You may then be asked to move into the isolation area until you can leave Padmaloka by your own means of transport. Where possible, we ask that if you are traveling via public transport, that you organise somebody who could collect you in the event that you did fall ill so that you can return home without using public transport.

If you do not have a way to return home without using public transport, you may need to stay in isolation until you can either be collected or until your symptoms have alleviated enough to enable you to travel.

If you are sharing a room with someone from the same household who develops symptoms, you may be asked to leave Padmaloka or to go into isolation.

If you have any questions, please contact the guest master by email or call 01508 538 112

Updated: 04/01/2022