The Legacy of Giving

Helping the Lotus Realm to Grow...Even Further

Padmaloka has been at the heart of the men's wing of the movement since 1976. Generations of practitioners have benefitted immensely from the unique conditions that we provide here.

Padmaloka's sole purpose is to give, to give the gift of the Dharma to as many men as possible so they can transform their lives in the light of the Buddha's realisation.

Padmaloka is the sum total of all the generosity that has gone into making it what it is today. People giving their skills and time to volunteer here, people sharing their financial resources through standing orders, one-off donations and leaving legacies in their wills.

As has been achieved to create the Padmaloka that so many people know and love, there's still much to do.

  • To upgrade our facilities to help our elders to continue coming on retreat here, so all can benefit from the lineage of kalyanamitrata that they provide
  • To keep the cost of retreats down through energy efficiency upgrades.
  • To ensure that Padmaloka is not just functional but beautiful, so as to inspire faith in the Three Jewels.

You can be a part of Padmaloka’s lineage of generosity. There are many projects we'd love to do in 2019 including:

  • Upgrading the lighting in the shrineroom to make the most of the stunning iconography project
  • Replacing dozens of inefficient single glazed and failed double glazed windows, including all the old shrine room windows
  • Completely renovate the Rose Alley with new plants and soil, to replace the tired roses and the exhausted soil.

As it currently stands, we won't be able to afford all those listed above. But you can help us to get these and other projects like them to happen.

If you would like to help us then a big thank you for your kindness and generosity, you can do so by setting up a regular monthly payment or making a one-off donation by clicking on the Donate buttons on this page.

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