Giving to Padmaloka in your Will

“I am sure to become old; I cannot avoid ageing. I am sure to become ill; I cannot avoid illness. I am sure to die; I cannot avoid death. I must be separated and parted from all that is dear and beloved to me. I am the owner of my actions, heir of my actions, actions are the womb from which I have sprung…” Five Contemplations for Everyone, Upajjhatthana Sutta, AN 5.57

We are sure to die; we cannot avoid death. But we can make provisions for what happens after we die. By writing your will you and planning for your death, you can continue giving the Dharma after your death.

Padmaloka's Vision

The creation of the best possible conditions to support men to Go for Refuge to the Three Jewels – that is the legacy that the Padmaloka community strives for.

In 2026, Padmaloka will turn 50. What about the next 50 years? What about the next 500 years? How could the men’s wing of the movement and order grow and develop through a growing and developing Padmaloka?

The memory and inspiration of Bhante are very much alive now. But what will happen when all those who had personal contact with him are gone?

Great Buddhist traditions such as those found in India came and went and only recently is Buddhism experiencing a revival. Our movement is very much in its infancy. Unless we nourish what we already have, it could so easily fade into history.
We have inherited the greatest of treasures with which we can transform ourselves and the world. To make this treasure available to more and more people, we need your help, we need you to become a part of Padmaloka’s legacy.

“When I was writing my will it seemed clear that I wanted to give my money to what is of the greatest value. I feel the Dharma is of the greatest benefit and Padmaloka is, in my experience, a mythic place of bringing forth the Dharma into the world.”
Prajnahridaya, Sheffield Buddhist Centre

“It’s been said that Padmaloka is one of our few examples of people living a near-monastic life together: dedicating significant parts of their life to deepening practice, demonstrating Kalyana Mitrata and the Bodhisattva Ideal. I don’t want anyone living at Padmaloka to have to worry about the money needed to run the place.”
Satyaghosha, London Buddhist Centre

Leaving Padmaloka in your will

Gifts in wills are making a difference to Triratna right now. The rebuilding of Vajrasana, and the founding of the Abhayaratna Trust are two examples, that were made possible by gifts in wills.

We are asking you to leave a percentage of your estate to Padmaloka in your will, because this money will make Padmaloka’s future development possible. The higher the percentage, the more possibilities it creates.

We want you to be a part of a legacy that will enable men to keep committing themselves wholeheartedly to the Dharma life for decades and centuries to come. Will you join us in this effort?

How to put Padmaloka in your will

If you want to leave a gift to Padmaloka in your will, we suggest that you give a percentage of your estate. Here are two ways you could write your will.

1) We have partnered with to offer you a free will-writing service online. If you have a simple estate in England or Wales this is a quick, cost-effective, and reliable option which can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. During the process you’ll get the option to include Padmaloka in your will. You can do this by following this link link.

2) If you have a more complicated estate or you simply want to talk about your will with someone face to face, you can appeal to a solicitor or will writer like Satyadasa at Greengate Wills. He is a professional will-writer based in London, connected to the London Buddhist Centre. There are plenty more trusted will writers who are members of The Society of Will Writers or The Institute of Professional Will Writers.

If you do decide to name Padmaloka in your will it would be really helpful for us if you let us know. You can do so by emailing Maitripa at We understand your will is a private matter, so anything you share with us will be kept confidential.

If you need more information or want to have a chat about writing Padmaloka in your will, contact Maitripa at

Hello, I’m Maitripa. I’m your point of contact for wills at Padmaloka.
Please get in touch if you want to have a chat or if you would like more information about leaving a gift in your will to Padmaloka. Give me a call or drop me a line.
Phone: 01508 538112

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a will?
If you’re over 18, it’s important to make a will for a several reasons: ensuring those you wish to benefit will do so, ensuring your partner will inherit from you if you’re not married, avoiding delays for your beneficiaries, avoiding family disputes, avoiding paying more inheritance tax than you need to. Making a will gives you peace of mind.

How do I designate Padmaloka in my will?
You need to include Padmaloka’s name and legal details.
Padmaloka (FWBO Surlingham), Lesingham House, Surlingham, NR14 7AL
UK registered charity No.273850

Do you have a template for putting Padmaloka in my will?
A form of words to include Padmaloka in your will may look like:
I leave XX% of the residue of my estate to Padmaloka (FWBO Surlingham), Lesingham House, Surlingham, NR14 7AL, UK, Registered Charity Number 273850 for its general charitable purposes.

Where can I find more information about writing my will?
The government’s website is an excellent place to start the process of writing your will.

Is it best to leave a specific amount or a percentage of my estate?
It is worth considering giving a percentage of your estate rather than a fixed amount as this will not be affected by changing inflation rates over time and can turn out to be more than you expect.

Can I change an existing will?
If you want to change your will, there are two options. You can either make a new will, which is advisable for major changes (like getting married, separated or divorced, having a child, or moving house). If it is a small change, you can make an official alteration called a codicil.

What about inheritance tax
If you leave 10% or more of your estate to any charity, this will reduce your Inheritance Tax rate. In any case, Padmaloka will not have to pay tax on the part of your estate you leave us.