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Buddha Tile Project Now Live

You now have the opportunity to contribute to the Padmaloka Shrine Room by giving a donation and then painting a pre-printed 29 x 29cm wooden tile with a specially designed line drawing of the Buddha by Aloka, which will help to fill the walls with tens and possibly even hundreds of Buddhas.

The aim from the start has been to make the entire Shrine Room a gateway, to fill every square inch of the walls with the abundance of Enlightenment so that paintings cease to be paintings and we find we are standing on the threshold of something entirely Other.

For more information and to order a tile you can visit the Buddha Tile Project page by clicking the 'Donate' button above. All donations will go towards the prospering of Padmaloka and the men that come here, so do give generously.

As part of launching our Buddha tile project we are hosting a day of Dharma practice and celebration, and an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the unique conditions offered by Padmaloka and its spectacular shrine room. Book your place here.