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Cosmic Refuge Tree Talks Now Available

In February, Padmasagara gave a series of talks on the Cosmic Refuge Tree retreat.

The talks are practical, in that they help us to more readily access and deepen our relationship with the Refuge Tree. At the same time, they highlight the profundity of the Refuge Tree as an image and a vision of existence.

You can now listen to the talks on Free Buddhist Audio.

Talk 1-The Roots of the Refuge Tree: http://bit.ly/RefugeTree1
Talk 2-The Refuge Tree as an Image: http://bit.ly/RefugeTree2
Talk 3 - The Refuge Tree as a Vision of Existence: http://bit.ly/RefugeTree3
Talk 4 - Learning to Love the Refuge Tree: http://bit.ly/RefugeTree4


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