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The Death of Our Teacher

From the Order information service:

With great sadness we inform you of the passing away of Urgyen Sangharakshita today 30 October 2018 at approximately 10.00 a.m. in Hereford Hospital. As informed earlier today Bhante had been diagnosed with pneumonia and this morning the Consultant said that Bhante had sepsis from which recovery is not possible.

Please join with us as we direct our metta towards Bhante, recollecting his wonderful qualities and remembering with gratitude all that he has given to so many of us. Local Centres may be holding daily meditations and pujas and you may wish to arrange additional activities in your communities and homes. Bhante asked that the following mantras be chanted at the time of his death: Shakyamuni, Green Tara, Manjushri, Amitabha and Padmasambhava.

Not only was Bhante the teacher and founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order, he was also the founder of Padmaloka and lived here for many years. Over the next few days, the Padmaloka community will be gathering to mark the passing of our precious teacher with readings, meditation, puja and reflection.

Below are some lines written by Aloka some years ago out of gratitude and devotion to Bhante:

Gratitude to Bhante

May you have health,
Long life and happiness.
May all your endeavours
Be crowned with success
And may all your aspirations be fulfilled.

Whatever of my life is virtuous
And whatever victories are gained over limitations,
And whatever insight is gained
Into the true nature of the mystery of existence,
Is due to my fortunate meeting with you in this life.

You have clarified my confusions
And your illumined vision
Has given my life meaning.
You have awoken me
To the essential value of human existence
And you have shown me kindness and understanding.

I owe to you my life,
My well being and happiness.
I owe to you my sense of purpose,
My enthusiasm and inspiration.
All has been cultivated through your blessing.

Therefore, whatever of my actions
Accord with the Precepts
Which align one with Enlightenment
May the merit gained thereby
Accrue to you, and whatever
Of my actions are not conducive to victory,
Be seen as my own failing
And in no way a reflection
Upon either my teacher or
My brothers in the Dharma.

May the love between us all
Ensure our continual companionship
Throughout our continuum of lives
Until all sentient beings
Have been drawn to liberation.

You can find a memorial space for Bhante on the Buddhist Centre Online here.