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- A New Talk from Padmaloka -

Breaking Out and Batter Down the Door | Padmavajra

In this talk given on an online men's Great Gathering. Padmavajra reads and comments on Bhante's short poem 'I Want to Break Out..." In this talk we hear about Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita in the very early days of starting the Order and Movement in London. We hear about tramping the windy moor, about friendship and communication. We hear about "cutting up the Void with a knife", pitching the stars from their place - and being blinded by the sky blue eye of Reality. This is a talk about a poem filled with ecstasy of breaking out and breaking through...

Please follow this link to hear the talk: https://www.freebuddhistaudio.com/audio/details.php?num=LOC5103

Image: cropped and edited painting by Aloka ©


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