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Ordination Training 1 - Theme Announced

'Only the spiritual friend can help you to go further, beyond the worlds of the devas and the brahmās, beyond all that is conditioned, to Nirvana. For, as the Buddha told Ānanda, if a man had a spiritual friend it was to be expected that he would develop and cultivate the Perfect Eightfold Path.' - Sangharakshita

The 2018 January Ordination Training Weekend will be focused on Bhante's recent writings on kalyana mitrata or spiritual friendship. There will also be a ritual 'going forth' for those invited to attend the long 2018 Ordination retreat at Guhyaloka. This weekend has often been one of the highlights of the Padmaloka year, so do consider joining us for this one. To read more about the weekend and book your place follow the link below: