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Padmaloka Dharma talks are now even better

I'm Tom and I'm the Guest Master here at Padmaloka.

I'm looking happy because we recently upgraded our audio recording software and hardware. This means that the top quality Dharma talks given at Padmaloka will now sound great when you listen to them online. It feels right that these important talks will now be audibly of a standard that does justice to their content.

To kick start our 'audio revolution', I'm re-editing the Bodhisattva Ideal lectures given by Subhuti this April. I'll be cutting out the background noise so that you can hear Subhuti much more clearly and it's much more pleasant to listen to. They'll be updated on free buddhist audio very soon.

Thanks very much to anybody that donated money to help us buy the equipment and also thanks to Dharmachari Candradasa who advised us on how best to improve the audio quality of the talks.

If you want to donate to help improve Padmaloka further, you can do so here: https://www.padmaloka.org.uk/donate