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The Smooth Road to Emancipation - Residential Guru Yoga Weekend

Residential Spaces Now Available for Dharmacharis.

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Bhante was introduced to this practice by the Venerable Khachu Rinpoche at the time of receiving the Padmasambhava abhishekha. He made his own translation of the text with the help of Dhardo Rinpoche and introduced Padmavajra to the practice in 1976.

This Guru Yoga involves the transformation of ourselves into Vajrayogini - the archetypal devotee-disciple and then imagining our guru - in this case Bhante - and the trikaya lineage of Padmasambhava, Avalokiteshvara and Amitabha above our heads. We then enter a mood of tremendous faith and devotion whilst repeating a special prayer to attain Enlightenment for the liberation of all beings. Finally, we unite with the guru and dissolve into the light of Great Bliss.

In inviting you to join us, our wish is for the whole Order to be with us in our worship and dedication. As well as sessions of Guru Yoga, there will also be pujas devoted to Padmasambhava with sessions devoted to the chanting of the seven line prayer to Padmasambhava and two of his mantras, whose recitations are recommended in this practice "to increase devotion".

We are delighted and inspired that we will be holding this weekend and we hope that many of you will join us.