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- Spaces Available - Taste of Freedom Residential Retreat -

We’re delighted to announce that there are spaces available on residential component of the upcoming Taste of Freedom retreat this August.

"Monks, just as the ocean has the taste of salt, just so does my Dhamma and Discipline have the taste of freedom"

The Padmaloka community invites you to participate in a retreat devoted to the Buddha's teaching on freedom or liberation. According to the Buddha all of the teachings and practices he taught have the flavour of freedom or liberation. Genuine Dhamma leads to emancipation from all negative emotions and ignorance and to the creation of a community that supports such liberation.

On the retreat we will be studying the three lectures from the booklet "The Taste of Freedom": "The Taste of Freedom", "The Path of Regular and Irregular Steps", "Enlightenment as Experience and Non-Experience", as well as "Is a Guru Necessary". To prepare for the retreat please listen to and make notes on all four of the lectures which can be found on Free Buddhist Audio.

The retreat takes place between the 3rd and 8th of August and is open for men who’ve asked for ordination.

To book onto or to find out more about the retreat please follow this link: https://padmaloka.org.uk/retreats/2021/taste-freedom-residential

Image: edited line drawing by Aloka ©