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Vigilance with Regard to the Bodhicitta - Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 4

"The defilements do not dwell in objects, nor in the collection of the senses, nor in the space in between. There is nowhere else for them to dwell and yet they churn up the entire universe." 

In his fourth talk on the Bodhicaryavatara, given on the weekly Padmaloka retreat, Padmavajra explores Shantideva's discussion of vigilance (apramada) in relation to the cultivation of the Bodhicitta.

Bodhicaryavatara Chapter 2: Giving Ourselves Completely to the Buddhas

"And I give myself to the Conquerors completely, and to their sons. Take possession of me Sublime Beings. In devotion I become your servant".

In his second talk on the Bodhicaryavatara, Padmavajra tells us how Shantideva takes to heart, ever more firmly, the Bodhicitta, through his lavish performance of puja and a searing confession of faults. The talk was given in the shrine room on the weekly Padmaloka day retreat. It was given in honour of the anniversary of Sangharakshita's founding of the Triratna Buddhist Order on 7th April 1968.

Essential Meditation - Key Tools for an Effective Meditation Practice

At the beginning of March Satyaraja led a new retreat at Padmaloka, titled 'Essential Meditation'. The aim was to provide people with a foundational toolkit of principles and practical guidance to help them take full ownership of their meditation practice and therefore develop it to the next level.

The retreat covered all areas of working in meditation from posture, balanced effort and working on the hindrances, to access concentration, the dhyanas and insight.

Spreading the Light of Tara - Inspiration from Dhardo Rimpoche for these Fearful Times

A new talk from Padmavajra, given today, 24th March.

On the thirtieth anniversary of death of Urgyen Sangharakshita's teacher - Dhardo Rimpoche, Padmavajra commemorates Rinpoche's life, work and example and how his message might inspire us in these fearful times.

The talk was given in the Padmaloka shrine room to the Padmaloka community on a day devoted to honouring Dhardo Rimpoche.

Click here to watch it: https://bit.ly/TheLightofTara

New talk from Padmavajra: Going for Refuge in a Time of Fear

Padmavajra gives a talk on how to Go for Refuge in times of adversity, even in a time of fear.

Given the situation of the world today, with threat of sickness and great uncertainty, how do we practise as Buddhists? How do we continue to deepen our practice of loving kindness, of awareness? What is the real response to the situation we find ourselves in today?

Click here to watch the video: http://bit.ly/GFRinTimesofFear

An Announcement from the Chairman of Padmaloka

The Ordination Team and Management Team met this morning to discuss Padmaloka's response to the Coronavirus situation and how that will affect the running of retreats over the next few months.

Given the UK Prime Minister's recent briefing on the situation we have decided to cancel all upcoming retreats until the end of June, and we will review the situation after that and update you further.

Spring Ordination Training Weekend Fully Booked

Bookings are now closed for the 'Spring Ordination Training Weekend - The Bitendential Value of Being' as the event is now fully booked, there is a waiting list if you would like to be added to it, email info@padmaloka.org.uk to do so.

Book now for the 'Autumn Ordination Training Weekend - Establishing the Dharmacharya':