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Lokamdhara's Memorial Service

Lokamdhara died on the 10th of September, he had a long-standing and strong connection with Padmaloka both before and after his Ordination, for a time he lived here whilst helping convert an old ramshackle barn into the Padmaloka shrineroom.

Sona will be conducting a memorial ceremony for Lokamdhara here on Thursday 25th October 2018.
All Order members, mitras and friends and family are warmly welcomed to celebrate Lokamdhara's life.


2019 Dates Announced

If you are on our mailing list then you will have received an email containing dates for Padmaloka retreats in 2019. If you haven't received this email then do check your spam folders and promotions folders, as well as making the appropriate adjustments to your email service provider's settings to ensure our emails to you go straight into your primary inbox.

Ratnaguna Open Retreat talks now available.

From the 17th-22nd June, we held our annual 'Open Retreat', one of the few opportunities for men who have not asked for Ordination to get a taste of Padmaloka. The retreat was entitled 'For Heroic Spirits Intended...'

Ratnaguna gave a series of powerful talks on this retreat in which he explored themes from the Ratnaguna Samcayagatha-a Mahayana Sutra from the Perfection of Wisdom school.
Śraddhāpa also gave a talk about translating the text from Sanskrit into English, a new translation of the text by Śraddhāpa was used on the retreat.