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New talk from Padmavajra: Going for Refuge in a Time of Fear

Padmavajra gives a talk on how to Go for Refuge in times of adversity, even in a time of fear.

Given the situation of the world today, with threat of sickness and great uncertainty, how do we practise as Buddhists? How do we continue to deepen our practice of loving kindness, of awareness? What is the real response to the situation we find ourselves in today?

Click here to watch the video: http://bit.ly/GFRinTimesofFear

An Announcement from the Chairman of Padmaloka

The Ordination Team and Management Team met this morning to discuss Padmaloka's response to the Coronavirus situation and how that will affect the running of retreats over the next few months.

Given the UK Prime Minister's recent briefing on the situation we have decided to cancel all upcoming retreats until the end of June, and we will review the situation after that and update you further.

Spring Ordination Training Weekend Fully Booked

Bookings are now closed for the 'Spring Ordination Training Weekend - The Bitendential Value of Being' as the event is now fully booked, there is a waiting list if you would like to be added to it, email info@padmaloka.org.uk to do so.

Book now for the 'Autumn Ordination Training Weekend - Establishing the Dharmacharya':


New Talks by Padmavajra and Bodhinaga From the February Great Gathering

Both explore in depth Bhante Sangharakshitas classic talk from 1967 'Mind: Reactive and Creative', and its implications in our lives as practising Buddhists.

Padmavajra outlines the task of the Bodhisattva Warrior who through his creativity creates entire worlds which are conducive to the practice of Buddhism.

Padmavajra: http://bit.ly/FearlessCreativity

Bodhinaga looks at the image of the Tibetan Wheel of life and uses personal examples to draw out how to move from reactivity to a creative state.

Buddha Tile Project Relaunch

There are a new set of tiles which have been cut, printed and ready for painting.

The Padmaloka shrine room is completely unique, it is a room dedicated to the realisation of the Buddha's Enlightenment, and on every wall there is an image which can draw one towards that great goal of the spiritual, even human, life. This is an opportunity to be part of the Padmaloka shrine room project by paining a Buddha tile which will be put upon the wall, forming an array of Buddhas across the room.

See the following link for how to get involved with the project:

New Padmaloka Talk from the Bodhisattva Ideal

Earlier in January we hosted the Bodhisattva Ideal retreat here at Padmaloka, where Padmavajra gave a inspirational new talk on the theme titled: 'The Loveliest Bodhisattvas'.

In this talk Padmavajra explores the Altruistic dimension of Going for Refuge - The Bodhisattva Ideal - through Bhante's poem 'The Guardian Wall'.

He particularly explores the line in the poem: 'The loveliest Bodhisattvas are the anonymous' and what this means for somebody aspiring to practice the great ideal of the Bodhisattva.

New sub35 Padmaloka Talks

In November of last year, we held our annual weekend for men under the age of 35. The theme of the weekend was 'Fearless Love'.

During that weekend, three talks were given on the theme. The main talk by our very own Satyakirti, 'Moving Through Fear Into Love', explored the story of Angulimala, a mass murderer whose life was turned around by an encounter with the Buddha. In relation to this, Satyakirti spoke about fear and how, through love, we can harness the energy it contains.

New Buddhist Blog by Tarapalita

Tarapalita is an ex-Padmaloka community member who lived at Padmaloka until 2018. After living here for about five years he decided to take what he had learned and developed during his time here to Berlin, joining friends at the thriving Buddhistisches Tor Berlin.

As part of his contribution to Buddhism in Berlin and beyond, he has recently started a blog in which he shares his reflections on the Dharma and his own experience of living the Dharma life. That blog is The Berlin Buddhist Blog.

New Prints of Aloka Paintings Now Available

We have recently updated our bookshop with three new prints of Aloka paintings from around Padmaloka. They join the many other images in the bookshop that are often bought and used for devotional purposes.

The three paintings are:
-Fudo, a lesser known Bodhisattva very popular in Japan, from the Shrine Room.
-The Refuge Tree with the new additions of Dr Ambedkar and Anagarika Dharmapala, from inside the Main House.
-Padmasambhava, from the Community Lounge.