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The 2018 Programme is here

The 2018 programme has arrived at Padmaloka.

Over the next few days we will be busy packing them up and delivering them directly to you and to your local Triratna Centre.

We really hope you enjoy the programme when it arrives. Everyone at Padmaloka is very excited about the year ahead not least because it is the 50th anniversary of the Order. The pages are infused with the Bodhisattva Ideal from first page to last. Aloka’s art, writings from the Ordination Team and quotes from our teachers all serve to bring the ideal to life.

Ordination Training 2 - Theme Announced

'To live without looking up to anyone represents an impoverishment of one’s emotional life and, indeed, an impairment of one’s very humanity.' - Sangharakshita

This week we have announced the theme for our Ordination Training weekend in September - The Garava Sutta. It promises to be a rich and inspiring weekend and the quote above comes from a recent article by Sangharakshita on 'garava'. To read more about the weekend and book your place follow the link below:

David moves to Wales

When people come to Padmaloka in the summer one of the things they comment on the most is how beautiful the gardens are. Over the last 4 months, David Elliot has tirelessly cut, chopped, pruned, fed the local mosquitoes and worked directly with the impermanence of nature. Yesterday we waved him off as he sped back to Wales on his motorbike. It has been a real pleasure to have David as part of the community this summer, a big thanks to him for all his hard work and dedication, we wish him well and look forward to seeing him again.

Cosmic Going for Refuge Tree Retreat 10th -17th Feb

Ordination Training Retreat February 10th - 17th
"The Cosmic Going for Refuge Tree"
Following the success and inspiration of last year's retreat, we are revisiting the theme of the Cosmic Going for Refuge Tree this February. We will explore the many dimensions of the Refuge Tree by way of the prostration practice itself, meditation, reflection, readings from the figures on the Refuge Tree, working with imagery, and some study.

Men's Great Gathering 2017

Announcing the theme of the first Men's Great gathering of 2017:
24th - 26th February
Led by Dharmashalin and Vajrashura, with talks by Akkupa and Padmavajra
A weekend open to all men familiar with Triratna puja and meditation, exploring how to live out the altruistic ideal of Buddhism in the modern world.
For more info and all bookings: