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An Invitation from Padmavajra | Autumn Short Order Retreat

On this short Order retreat, Padmavajra will lead us through a text by the Seventh Dalai Lama entitled the Song of the Four Mindfulnesses. In 1976 Sangharakshita explored this essential text at the end of the Precious Garland seminar.

To book or to find out more, please follow this link: https://www.padmaloka.org.uk/retreats/2022/autumn-short-order-retreat-so...

The Enchantment of the Heart | Two New Talks by Padmavajra

In these two presentations of Sangharakshita's early poetry, Padmavajra explores two of Sangharakshita's early poems, with reference to Bhante's memoirs, diary extracts, poems and other writings.

Waiting for the Stranger: https://www.freebuddhistaudio.com/audio/details?num=LOC5421

The Fragrance of the Unseen: https://www.freebuddhistaudio.com/audio/details.php?num=LOC5422

Line drawing by Aloka©


How to Study the 'Survey'? | A new talk by Dharmadipa

Bhante Sangharakshita's 'A Survey of Buddhism' is an incredibly rich and dense work in which he expounds on all of the essential doctrines in Buddhism. For this very reason the book may come across as a slightly daunting subject of study.

In this talk, Dharmadipa shares his knowledge and expertise in relation to studying the Dharma, and in particular how to approach Bhante's Magnum Opus, 'A Survey of Buddhism'.