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Padmaloka Summer Programme: Now Live for Bookings

We are delighted to announce that the Padmaloka summer programme has just gone live and is ready for bookings!

There are some new themes coming out with this programme:

The Buddha’s Victory, exploring the Buddha as the victorious one, the ‘Jina’;
Awakening Imagination, a retreat where we will look into Bhante’s exploration of the imagination in two lectures: 'St Jerome Revisited' and 'The Journey to Il Convento';
The Taste of Freedom, where we will delve into the Buddha's teachings on Freedom or Liberation.

The Lions Roar

"The Buddha has the lion's roar, the sound of a thundering cloud, he has the divine voice, like the highest of gods."

When the lion roars in the jungle, all other beasts go silent - they know the king of beasts is around and has proclaimed his sovereignty. The Buddha's communication of the Dharma is likened to the lion's roar. When the Buddha communicates the Truth is proclaimed in all its fullness and the only thing to do then is to listen well and heed what is said because this truth will set us free from all the limitations that we impose on ourselves.

The Spring Great Gathering – Fully Booked

The Spring Great Gathering here at Padmaloka is now fully booked with an amount of 200 reserved places. This weekend retreat looks like it will be the biggest event that Padmaloka has ever hosted.

If you're interested in attending the retreat and haven't yet had the chance to book, then we do have a waiting list available. Please send an email to the Guest Master at Padmaloka at info@padmaloka.org.uk, and we'll put your name down on the list and get in touch with you as soon as a place becomes available.

152 Bookings on The Spring Great Gathering

Dear Friends,

We're delighted to announce that we currently have 152 bookings on the upcoming Spring Great Gathering weekend retreat here at Padmaloka. It will be the biggest online event that we've ever hosted, and there are still places available.

To see Vidyadaka inviting you to join us for the weekend, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD6LFLczaAY&feature=youtu.be