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- Essential Meditation Online Retreat -

30th of January to 6th of February

During this retreat we’ll be exploring the essential and foundational teachings for a good meditation practice. It is suitable for both those men who are relatively new to Triratna, who have a regular meditation practice and who want to establish it on sound principles, as well as to experienced meditators who wish to breathe new life into their meditation.

It will cover all areas of working in meditation from posture, balanced effort, working on the hindrances, to access concentration, the dhyanas and insight.

Residential Component of the Winter Retreat Has Had to Close

I'm afraid to announce that the residential component of the Winter Retreat has had to close this year.
With many places in England now going into a tier 3 lockdown attendance has dropped to a level that has made it infeasible to run the retreat properly.

The online aspect, running in the first week, will continue to run; with three talks by Padmavajra on the Diamond Sutra, meditation instruction from Satyaraja and puja in the evenings, so do consider joining us for this.

If you are booked on the retreat and haven't heard from us yet then do get in touch.

Guru Yoga Weekend with Padmavajra - This Friday

The Smooth Road to Emancipation: Online Guru Yoga Weekend for all Dharamacharis and Dharmacharinis

Join us and over 70 other Order Members (so far!) this Friday for the Guru Yoga Weekend.

This is a special online weekend lead by Padmavajra at Padmaloka on the Guru Yoga from the Tharpe Delam. Bhante was introduced to this practice by the Venerable Khachu Rinpoche at the time of receiving the Padmasambhava abhishekha. He made his own translation of the text with the help of Dhardo Rinpoche and introduced Padmavajra to the practice in 1976.