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New Padmaloka Talk Available

Last month the annual East Anglian Men's Retreat took place at Padmaloka. This retreat brings together men from various centres, including Cambridge Buddhist Centre, Colchester Buddhist Centre, Ipswich Buddhist Centre and Norwich Buddhist Centre.

During this weekend, Dh Sarvananda gave a talk entitled 'From Literal to Liberated Mind' in which he spoke about how engaging with the arts can awaken our imagination and open up the rich world of myth and symbol.

You Can Now Book Onto Our 2020 Retreats

The Padmaloka 2020 programme has now been sent to people's houses.

Once you receive the programme you will be able to immediately book onto the retreats in there via the Padmaloka website.

Here is a photo of Dharmachari Surata from the Ordination Team with the new programme. We hope you enjoy reading the articles in there and are inspired to book onto the retreats.

It will be another year of rich Dharma activity at Padmaloka.

The 2020 Padmaloka Programmes Have Been Posted

You may have noticed that we haven't posted anything to our social media pages recently. That is because we've been busy getting everything ready so that the 2020 programme can be sent out.

Today we took all of the programmes we'll be sending to individuals to the main Post Office depot in Norwich. This means that they should be arriving at your homes on Wednesday morning.
Once your programme arrives you will be able to book onto any of the retreats via the Padmaloka website.

We hope you enjoy the programme!

2020 Programme Packing Under Way

Yesterday during the first work morning of the Transcendental Principle retreat, we started packing the 2020 programmes.

Here is a photo of some of the seven men who were working hard to get the programmes sent out.

The programmes will be arriving at people's houses at the beginning of September. When your programme arrives, the website will be ready for you to book onto your retreats for 2020.

The Padmaloka 2020 Programmes Have Arrived

Last Friday we received the very special delivery of our 2020 programmes.

During the next couple of weeks, we will be packing them up ready to send out to you. Keep an eye out for further updates on our progress.

In the meantime, there are still spaces on our retreats this year. Find out more about what's by following the 'Retreats' button at the top of this page.

Thank you to Dharmachari Alokavira for editing the programme and Dharmachari Shantavira for proof-reading.

Improvements to Padmaloka

Here are some images from our most recent project-replacing the windows behind the Buddha in the Shrine Room.

The double glazing on the old windows had failed, meaning that heat from inside the shrine room was escaping. It also meant that the glass didn't look very attractive and sound from the lane outside could more easily enter.