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New Talk By Maitreyabandhu Now Online

During the Spring Ordination Training weekend held at Padmaloka earlier this month, Maitreyabandhu gave the keynote talk.

In that talk he spoke about what it means to become ordained, to train for ordination and to prepare for a life in the order. The talk was also given in the context of ritually sending off 11 of the 16 men who will soon be ordained at Guhyaloka.

It is now available on Free Buddhist Audio, you can find it here: http://bit.ly/OrdinationEssentials


Drawing by Aloka ©

New Bodhisattva Ideal Booklets Now Available

In April 2018, Subhuti gave a series of talks at Padmaloka on the theme of the Bodhisattva Ideal.

The intention behind this series of talks was to produce new material that those training for Ordination could study when they attend the Bodhisattva Ideal retreat, a retreat devoted to a crucial part of Bhante Sangharakshita’s teaching.

These booklets have been transcribed and turned into a booklet which is now available from the Padmaloka bookshop and via our website.

Great Gathering and Ordination Training weekend now full

Both weekends have around 90 men booked on and bed spaces are taken.

If you would still like to attend the Great Gathering 1 weekend (15th-17th February) or the Spring Ordination Training weekend (1st-3rd March), there is still room if you are happy to camp.

If you would like to attend and camp or if you'd like to join the waiting list for either weekend, email info@padmaloka.org.uk.


Line drawing by Aloka ©

An Invitation from Maitreyabandhu

From the 1st to the 3rd March, the Spring Ordination Training Weekend will take place at Padmaloka. It will be led by Dh Maitreyabandhu and the Ordination Team.

You can find a video inviting you to the weekend by Maitreyabandhu here:

70 men have booked onto the weekend.

Places are limited so if you would like to attend, make sure you book soon, you can book here: http://bit.ly/SpringOrdinationTrainingWeekend

Winter Retreat Talks Now Available

During the Winter Retreat recently held at Padmaloka, Padmavajra and Satyaraja both spoke on the theme of the retreat 'The Awakening of the Bodhi Heart'.

They explored the mysterious, elusive and beautiful Bodhicitta and how we can allow it to manifest more and more into our lives.

Padmavajra gave three short talks on the Bodhicitta while Satyaraja gave a highly useful and practical introduction to the Karuna Bhavana practice.

All of those talks are now available on Free Buddhist Audio.

New Padmaloka Talk Now Available

A New Knowledge of Reality-Buddhism and Poetry

During the System of Dharma Training retreat in December, Dh Maitreyabandhu treated us to a poetry evening.

During the evening, he drew out the deeper meaning and finer detail of five different poems, each around the theme of death with the final poem focusing on spiritual rebirth.

The depth and profundity of the poems was eloquently revealed by Maitreyabandhu.