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Cosmic Going for Refuge Tree Retreat 10th -17th Feb

Ordination Training Retreat February 10th - 17th
"The Cosmic Going for Refuge Tree"
Following the success and inspiration of last year's retreat, we are revisiting the theme of the Cosmic Going for Refuge Tree this February. We will explore the many dimensions of the Refuge Tree by way of the prostration practice itself, meditation, reflection, readings from the figures on the Refuge Tree, working with imagery, and some study.

Men's Great Gathering 2017

Announcing the theme of the first Men's Great gathering of 2017:
24th - 26th February
Led by Dharmashalin and Vajrashura, with talks by Akkupa and Padmavajra
A weekend open to all men familiar with Triratna puja and meditation, exploring how to live out the altruistic ideal of Buddhism in the modern world.
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Indian Public Preceptors Visit

Over the past week we've had the privileged of welcoming and hosting Yashosagara, Adityabodhi and Amoghasiddhi, 3 public preceptors from India. As well as keeping the community well supplied with tasty Chai and stories from India they spent time in retreat with both Padmavajra and Satyaraja, focusing on meditation teachings to take back and share with our brothers and sisters in India. It has been a real joy to have them here at Padmaloka and we wish them a safe onward journey.

Steering to the Deep - Sub35 Men's Weekend - December 2016

-Padmaloka Sub 35s Retreats-

2nd - 4th of December

A weekend exploring the profundity of the Dharma through talks, discussion, ritual, friendship and meditation.

"Just as the mighty ocean has but one taste, the taste of salt, even so the Dharma has but one taste, the taste of Freedom. "

Open to all men aged 18-35 and led by a team of young Order members.

Padmaloka Village Work Morning

Today the Padmaloka Community led a Work Morning to clear the Surlingham Village allotment pathway. The path had become overgrown with bushes, brambles and nettles, making access to the playpark difficult, especially for pushchairs. We were joined by local residents including Buffy the Black Labrador and we finished clearing the pathway throughout the morning.
The work morning ended suddenly when we accidentally disturbed a wasps nest, resulting in a few stings and a lot of running.