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Padmasambhava’s realm

thank you for your generous contribution to the development of Padmaloka.

Without your help we would not be able to improve Padmaloka’s facilities.

It’s been another year of upgrading Padmaloka and with yours and others support we will be able to continue this work.

“Mutual helpfulness in leading the spiritual life-
such is the foundation of the Buddha Land” – Sangharakshita.

Why do we need your ongoing financial support?

Shrine Room Paintings

As Buddhism establishes itself in the west it will develop it’s own form of iconography just as has happened throughout Buddhist Asia. Padmaloka has a special relationship with Aloka, a Buddhist artist who used to live in the Padmaloka community. Aloka thinks this development of a western Buddhist art will probably take 200 years or more. He is one of the people who is starting this process, drawing on more than 30 years experience as a Buddhist and an artist to produce images that can inspire, challenge and transform us.