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Transcendental Principle

Friday, 12 May 2017 to Friday, 26 May 2017

Going for Refuge concerns having a clear, thorough and practical understanding of the Dharma, in particular the basic doctrines and teachings of the Buddha, such as conditioned co-production, the three marks of conditioned existence, the four noble truths, the noble eightfold path. The Transcendental Principle retreat involves intensive study of the first chapter of Sangharakshita’s A Survey of Buddhism. The first chapter of ‘the Survey’ explores the great, classical teachings of the Buddha in considerable depth. It also explores the context in which such study should take place, as well as showing what the purpose of study really is: the attainment of Enlightenment.

This retreat directly proceeds our This Being, That Becomes Meditation Retreat, where you'll have the opportunity to meditate on the profound teachings you have just studied. You can book on both at a discounted rate: http://www.padmaloka.org.uk/retreats/2017/long-summer-camp

Note: This retreat is not recommended as one of the first Going for Refuge Retreats to attend. Please contact the Guest Master at info@padmaloka.org.uk if you have recently asked for Ordination and wish to attend.

Led By: 
The Ordination Team
Retreat Open To: 
Men training for ordination & Dharmacharis
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This retreat is no longer open for bookings