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Winter Retreat - The Awakening of the Bodhi Heart

Thursday, 20 December 2018 to Thursday, 3 January 2019

'The Bodhicitta is not included in the 5 skandhas, it means that it is something out of this world, something transcendental...it is a profound transcendental experience; an experience that re-orients our entire being.' Sangharakshita

On this meditation retreat we are creating the conditions for the arising of the Bodhicitta, through metta and karuna bhavana, Bodhicitta practice and using 'slogans' from the Bodhisattva mind training. There will also be a strong emphasis on puja and devotion, sutra reading and worshipping the Bodhisattvas.

The retreat starts with dinner on the first day at 6:30pm and finishes on the final day at 10.00am.

Please contact the Guest Master (info@padmaloka.org.uk) before booking if you haven’t been on either a Going for Refuge retreat or an intensive meditation retreat before.

Led By: 
Satyaraja and team
Retreat Open To: 
Men training for ordination & Dharmacharis
Booking Availability: 

This retreat is no longer open for bookings