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Spring Short Order Retreat - A Boundless, Inconceivable Light

Thursday, 28 March 2019 to Sunday, 31 March 2019

A boundless, inconceivable light is said to radiate from Amitabha, seated on the crown of the ten-faced head of the thousand-armed Avalokitesvara, a symbol of our Order. Perhaps it was this to which Bhante was referring when he said, ‘there is something about the movement, the Order and even about me that is not easily definable.’

On this retreat we will explore what it means truly to serve this indefinable higher dimension, primarily through practising the sadhana of Bhante’s yidam, Green Tara. This is the first of an on-going series of short Order retreats at Padmaloka.

The retreat starts with dinner on the first day at 6:30pm and finishes on the final day at 10.00am.

This retreat is directly preceded by A Living Bodhisattva led by the Ordination Team which you can book on here: https://padmaloka.org.uk/retreats/2019/living-bodhisattva.

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The Ordination Team
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This retreat is no longer open for bookings