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Great Gathering 1 - Mind Reactive and Creative

Friday, 28 February 2020 to Sunday, 1 March 2020

'In the field of politics, literature, religion or in the affairs of everyday life, the opinions we so firmly hold and confidently profess are very rarely the outcome of conscious reflection, of our individual effort to arrive at the truth. Our ideas are hardly ever our own...when we wake up to the fact that we are asleep - the spiritual life begins'
Sangharakshita, 'Mind - Reactive and Creative' Lecture, 1967

On this weekend, through talks, discussion, meditation and ritual we'll explore our minds and how we make the transition from a 'reactive' mind to a 'creative' mind - from a waking sleep to a life that is 'intensely and radiantly alive'.

The weekend starts at 6:30pm with dinner on the Friday and finishes after lunch on the Sunday at about 2:30pm.

Led By: 
Vishangka and the Men’s European Mitra Convenors
Retreat Open To: 
Men familiar with the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana, and open to ritual
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