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The Taste of Freedom - Online Study Seminar

Saturday, 11 July 2020 to Tuesday, 14 July 2020

'Just as the great ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so too the Dharma has one: taste the taste of freedom’.

On this 4-day online seminar we will be studying three classic talks by Bhante Sangharakshita from the 1970s (The Taste of Freedom, Enlightenment as Experience and Non-Experience, and The Path of Regular Steps and the Path of Irregular Steps). Each talk invites us to really look at what it is we are striving towards, what our motives are, and how best to move along the path in order to realise the 'taste of freedom'.

The Programme

We will be live streaming from the Shrine Room, inviting you to join our morning meditation and chanting of the Tiratana Vandana from 7am each morning, as well as to join the Padmaloka Community for an evening puja.

There will be a study session held using Zoom each morning which will start at 10:50am and finish at 1pm, with a break in between.

Further technical details will be provided once you have booked a place.

Preparing for the Seminar

To get the most out of the study seminar we recommend that as far as possible you create retreat-like conditions at home. This might include reducing input, maintaining a daily meditation practice, taking up the Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice and performing regular pujas.

Please arrive having studied the three talks, which are available on Free Buddhist Audio. We recommend taking notes on each talk and arriving on the retreat with points of interest that you wish to explore further in the study groups.
Transcripts of all three talks can be found by clicking here.

Giving a Donation

These seminars are run on a donation basis.

Having needed to cancel all retreats until the end of August due to covid-19, our finances will be affected significantly, losing an average of nearly £20,000 in retreat income each month.

Retreat income provides the biggest source of Padmaloka’s income and it is not yet known when we will be able to host retreats again. Consequently, donations made during this period are deeply appreciated and will make a big difference.

Your donation is an opportunity to be a part of the culture of generosity that sits at the heart of Padmaloka, to help keep that heart alive and thriving, and to contribute towards the short and long term ability of Padmaloka to be able to keep on giving that most precious and essential gift of the Dharma to as many men as possible.

We ask that you give what you can based on your current financial circumstances.

If your financial circumstances are healthy, then we would invite you to give generously, but if not, don't let money be an obstacle - what we want most is for men to be able to participate in these events and continue their training in Ondination and the Dharma life.

Led By: 
The Ordination Team
Retreat Open To: 
Men training for ordination and Dharmacharis in UK and Europe
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Online Study Seminar
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Fully Reserved

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