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The Lion's Roar - A sub30s Online Event

Friday, 9 April 2021 to Sunday, 11 April 2021

That great hero of Enlightenment, the Buddha, communicated to those who dared meet him, and it is this communication that was likened to the lion's roar - nothing could stand up to it; none of the ideas, philosophies and theories of the day.

We're living in a testing time right now, threatened by illness, instability and loss. So we need a truth that we can rely on, something that can cut through the conflicting opinions, the constraining beliefs and views of our day.
We need something with substance, that won't fail us when we need it - we need to hear the lions roar.

We will be exploring this theme by looking at the discourse on the First Turning of the Wheel of Truth, or Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, a text that contains what is said to be the first communication of Buddha of the Truth he had discovered.

On this weekend we will be offering a feast of Dharma events, offerings and explorations; including meditation, ritual, a talk from a senior Order Member and an opportunity to discuss it together.

The Programme

The programme for the weekend is not yet finalised, but it will be something of the following format:

Each event on the programme will be done via the online platform Zoom, either from the Padmaloka shrine room or in separate groups.


• 8pm: Introduction, hellos and a short ritual.


• 7am to 8:30 pm: Two led meditations with a break in between
• 10:30am to 1pm: Two short talks from Young Order Members, with discussion, questions and plenty of screen breaks.
• 2:30pm: Shrine Tour and conversation (Optional)
• 4:30pm: Guided meditation and reflection
• 8pm: Evening ritual

On Sunday, the programme will be:

• 7am to 8:30 pm: Two led meditations with a break in between
• 8am: Short Meditation until 8:25am
• 10:30am: Talks, discussion and questions with an 'Eldar' followed by a closing ritual

We will send you the links needed to access the events once you have booked online.

Preparing for the Weekend

To make the most of the weekend we recommend that as far as possible you create retreat-like conditions at home. This might include reducing input, maintaining a daily meditation practice, and taking time to reflect and absorb the meditation and discussion. You can find some more ideas and guidance on being on an online event here: A Guide to Online Events

A Dana Event

After a deposit of £10, these events will be run on a donation basis.

There will be an opportunity to donate on the last day, or you can do so any time online, but please be aware that by law we are unable to refund donations once they have been given.

Dana gives an opportunity to be a part of the culture of generosity that sits at the heart of Padmaloka, to help keep that heart alive and thriving, and to contribute towards the short and long term ability of Padmaloka to be able to keep on giving that most precious and essential gift of the Dharma to as many men as possible, so please do consider donating what you can based upon your circumstances.

Led By: 
Prajnahridaya and Team of Young Order Members
Retreat Open To: 
Open to men aged 18-30 who are familiar with meditation as taught in Triratna and open to ritual
Retreat Type: 
Open Retreat
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