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Young Men's Retreat | Padmasambhava: Entering the Realm of the Guru

Friday, 29 April 2022 to Friday, 6 May 2022

How amazing!
In the centre of the palace on the highest Copper-Coloured Mountain,
An assembly of awareness-holders, dakas and dakinis gathered together;
Their hundred moods of great exaltation captivate with playful charming grace,
Thinking of them, deep in my heart I recall my sole father, Lake Born Vajra.

In the Centre of the Palace, Dudjom Rimpoche

Following on from our weekend last year we will be journeying deeper into the world of Padmasambhava, the Lotus Born Guru.

Padmaloka is one of the names of Padmasambhava’s Pure Land, a land that is entirely conducive to the attainment of Enlightenment. So we will make two kinds of journey: one the physical journey to Padmaloka the retreat centre, and the other a spiritual journey where through our efforts we will move towards the Pure Land of Padmaloka.

We will meditate together, inspire one another with talks and discussion, engage in ritual and deepen our practice of friendship – all in the presence of Padmasambhava.

Details and Timings

The retreat starts with dinner on the first day at 6:30pm and finishes on the final day at 10.00am.

A Dana Retreat

This retreat is run on a dana basis: you pay the deposit before the retreat, then at the end of the retreat you can give as much as you are able. If, due to financial hardship, you are unable to pay the full deposit, contact the Guest Master about our bursary scheme: info@padmaloka.org.uk.

Health and Hygiene

For information on our Covid policy and to see our risk assessment please visit our Coming on Retreat page.

Banner and thumbnail image: cropped painting by Aloka © from Padmaloka

Led By: 
Satyakirti and a team of young Order members
Retreat Open To: 
Men aged 18-30
Retreat Type: 
Open Retreat
Booking Availability: 

This retreat is no longer open for bookings