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Bodhisattva Precepts for Everyday Life with Padmavajra

As part of Padmaloka's '108 Days of Dharma', Padmavajra will be following up his series of talks on the Bodhicaryavatara by offering precepts for practising the Bodhisattva Path in everyday life.

This 'Garland of Red Lotus Flowers' will consist of 50 videos, 10 minutes each in length, released in stages throughout June, July and August.

Each video will contain Padmavajra's reflections on short and essential teachings from the great Buddhist masters and will help you to generate a more vivid awareness of the practice of the Bodhisattva Path in your daily life.

You can subscribe to the 'Garland of Red Lotus Flowers' video series by giving a donation below. Once we have confirmed your subscription, you will receive an email giving you access to all of the videos released so far and from then onward we'll send you links to the new videos as they are gradually released over the 108 days.

Click here to watch the first video, which is freely available for all to watch.

This series is available for anyone to subscribe to, so if you have any friends who you think might benefit from this offering then do tell them about it and pass on the link to this page.

The Culture of Generosity

Having needed to cancel all retreats until the end of August due to covid-19, our finances have been affected significantly, losing an average of nearly £20,000 in retreat income each month.

Retreat income provides the biggest source of Padmaloka’s income and it is not yet known when we will be able to host retreats again.

By donating you become a part of the culture of generosity that sits at the heart of Padmaloka, helping to keep that heart alive and thriving and contributing towards the short and long term ability of Padmaloka to be able to keep on giving that most precious and essential gift of the Dharma to as many people as possible.

Giving a Donation

The suggested donation is £108

If your financial circumstances are healthy, then we would invite you to give generously.

If, on the other hand, you cannot afford the suggested donation you are free to contribute whatever you can; all donations are gratefully received and deeply appreciated.