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Excerpts from the Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava

A Series of Short Talks by Padmavajra

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A series of short talks given in the period from late summer to early winter 2020 - Padmavajra opens up to the lightning flashes from the blue beyond, glimpses of Guru Padmasambhava expressed in imperfect words.

The Greatly Precious Guru always abides in the vast expanse of deep blue space, at the same time his myriad emanations are constantly manifesting: like falling rain, shooting stars and lightning flashes.

It is said that Guru Padmasambhava has taken the vow never to leave us in the darkness of samsara. At the time of great darkness, when the sun of the world seems to be setting, this vow becomes even stronger. It is in the darkness that his dazzling awareness, fearless love and powerful siddhis blaze more brightly.

Padmavajra will try to glimpse the flashes and tell us what he sees. Although he is bound to fail, he invites you to join him.

There is a short introduction to the series by Padmasagara here:

Click here to be taken to our YouTube channel where you can find the videos.


They will be released in a series of playlists of around 6 videos each; here are the playlists released so far:

The First Lightning Flash
The Second Lightning Flash
The Third Lightning Flash
The Fourth Lightning Flash
The Fifth Lightning Flash
The Sixth Lightning Flash
The Seventh Lightning Flash
The Eighth Lightning Flash

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